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The Evolution of Our Company

Jun. 2000 Taiwan Hung jian Precious Metal Co., Ltd was established.
Dec. 2000 Signed contract with Administration Committee of New District, Suzhou , then founded Jianhong Precious Metal ( Suzhou ) Co., Ltd.
Apr. 2001 The company regularly put into production and founded cold pressure workshop.
May. 2002 On the basis of the market's demand, the company imported 12 silver contact riveting machines.
Oct. 2002 Purchased ground from Administration Committee of New District, Suzhou . The acreage is 6670 m2.
Aug. 2004 Added jointing workshop.
Sep. 2004 Got the ground certificate, then started building the new factory. The acreage of workshop is 2500 m2.
Oct. 2004 In order to insure the quality of the products, the directorate decided to replenish testing equipments.
Dec. 2004 Purchased profile projector from Akashi Corporation Japan .
Dec. 2004 Became partner of Siemens Electrical Apparatus Ltd., Suzhou .
Feb .2005 Purchased JTUIS -Ⅲ u ltrasonic testing machine from Xi'an Jiaotong University's Jointing Research Laboratory, to test the percentage of the welding part of products.
Mar .2005 The new factory was completed and its fitment was being done.
Apr. 2005 Purchased X - Ray measuring instrument for coating thickness and materials analysis from Fischer Company, German.
Jun. 2005 The company moved to new factory.
Jul. 2005 Added grinding workshop.
Aug. 2005 The company got the certificate of ISO9001.
Aug. 2005 Carried on jointing assemblies of Siemens Electrical Apparatus Ltd, Suzhou .
May.2006 Added winding woukshop.
Sep.2006 Plant enlargement.
September 2006 The new plant started to be constructed with the floorage covering 2300 square metres.
March 2007 The new house has been put into use.
May.2007 Hexagon 3D Coordinator and automatic riveting machine purchased.
Sep.2007 Enterprise standard management realized by implementing the ERP.
2009 In order to improve product quality to better meet our customers in September to add automatic welding production line,an additional assembly plant in December towards the development of low-voltage electrical assembly.
2011 Continuously increased lot of automatic equipments by steps.