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Tabular Contacts
Contact Tips with Solder
We can cling solder on various kinds of plates according to the request of the customers.
Interior Oxidization Class
Silver Cadmium Oxide

AgCd0 is an important contact material. The sublimation of Cd0 can cool the contact's surface and extinguish the arc. AgCd0 can meet all the important requirements for the contacts of electrical switch, such as anti-burn damage on making high current, low resistance and so on. It is widely used in relays, accessorial switches, starters, contactors, breakers and so on.

Silver Tin Oxide Indium Oxide

has good heat stability and high hardness, then it gets good anti-melting and damage resistance. The needle-like oxide obtained during the internal oxidation, which is vertical to the surface of the contact, is very favorable to the contact’s capability. It is used in low voltage breakers, relays and so on, instead of AgCd0.

Powder Metallurgy Class
Silver Carbon

The main features of AgC are high anti-welding, low contact resistance, little temperature rise and self-lubricating.

Silver Tungsten Carbide

The main features of AgWC are high hardness, wear resistance and stable. Dissociative carbon produced by arc operation can prevent the contact’s surface forming oxidation layer.