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Rivet Contacts
Bimetal Rivets
The bimetal rivets' base material is copper or copper alloy, composited with pure silver, silver-nickel, silver cadmium oxide, silver tin oxide, silver tin oxide indium oxide etc, which are produced by cold pressed technology. This kind contact retains the advantages of the sliver alloy and saves a lot of silver. They are used in medium and small current contactors, starters, relays and breakers.

Solid Rivets
We can produce various solid rivets for special use according to the request of customers,such as pure silver rivet, copper rivet, aluminum rivet, iron rivet and so on.

Abnormal Rivets
We can produce the abnormal rivets according to the request of customers.

Welding Rivets
The silver alloy rivets produced by high-frequency welding technology are used in big current switches.